Hello, Fellow Slicers.  I’ve created this blog, Daily Scribbles, to post my entries for Slice of Life. My user name for the Slice of Life Challenge is Rita K. Currently, I am working as a Reading specialist in a large, suburban school district. I teach Reading Recovery to several first grade students and support children in fourth, fifth and sixth grade in reading. I’ve taught every grade level from second through ninth and taught graduate reading courses as an adjunct professor. I love to read, write and teach.

At times, it is difficult to find the time for the reading and writing because I have a large family that includes five grown children, their spouses and our nine grandkids. Life is hectic but I love it. It’s exciting to join this Slice of Life Challenge…what a wonderful idea! Anything that gets teachers writing and sharing is a positive in my opinion. Typically, I write poems, personal essays, and blog posts. I’m passionate about promoting literacy and especially helping parents to foster reading in the home. If you are so inclined, check out my other blog, “Nurturing Literacy”, dedicated to that end:





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