Are Grandkids Addictive?

Are grandkids addictive? Has anyone done a study on that? I’d gladly volunteer for the research project because I believe the answer would be a resounding YES! Based on personal experience, here is some evidence to support my thinking:

  1. My energy dwindles and although I’m not sick, I suffer from a general malaise.
  2. Our house is a little too clean. No fingerprints on the glass door, no unidentified objects on the floor, no little toys to trip over and no sticky feel to the cupboard drawers.
  3. If there’s been a gap in visits and hubby knows the grands are coming, he arrives home from work an hour earlier than usual.
  4. There’s an abundance of goodies in the refrigerator, such as an unopened half gallon of ice cream, a load of boxed drinks, individual containers of jello and pudding and a bottle of chocolate milk.
  5. My heart hurts.

Luckily the antidote for this addiction is pretty simple. Expose one or multiple grandkids to addicted person for one hour or more. These symptoms will quickly be replaced by a messy house, an empty refrigerator, smiles and a feeling of euphoria in addicted grandparent.


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