Fourteen Things I Made This Week

Since I don’t really know what to write about today, I thought I’d borrow Amy Krouse Rosanthal’s idea and write about things I’ve “made”. Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a recently deceased author and if you haven’t heard of her, I urge you to check her out. She was an amazing person and so are her books. Several years ago, Amy made a video about 17 things she made and invited others to join her in New York to make the 18th thing. Amazingly, tons of people showed up. What fun!

To borrow on that idea, I’m going to write a list of all the things I “made” since Sunday…

  • I made the bed
  • I made several cups of coffee
  • I made time to spend with a friend
  • I made time to see The King and I
  • I made two poems
  • I made dinner several times
  • I made plans to go out to lunch
  • I made lots of phone calls
  • I made several appetizers for book club
  • I made it to the gym
  • I made someone laugh
  • I made someone feel better
  • I made myself do some things I didn’t want to do
  • I made the best of each day

What have you made recently?



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