Tough Start, Terrific Finish

Today was a mixed bag of emotions. It started out with a phone call from my daughter telling me she was on her way home from a weekend up the mountains and that she would pick me up at 11:30. Great!  For months, we had planned on going to see The King and I at the Academy of Music and, to make it even more exciting, taking Shannon,Rosie’s little girl. About a half-hour later, Rose called again. Poor little Shannon had taken sick on the way home…sounded like a stomach virus. That balloon popped in a hurry and, like a little kid myself, I fought back tears.

Of course, I told hubby right away and of course, hubby did NOT want to go to see The King and I. So, there I was with three tickets to a great show which was going to begin in a little more than two hours. It was one of those days when I knew almost every family member was tied up. Thank God for friends. By my second call, a great pal had agreed to go. Several other calls didn’t pan out, so a ticket did go to waste.

I haven’t driven into town in years, but today I decided to attempt it. No problem. Did I mention how much I love Siri?  The show was fabulous, as was the company. I actually think Shannon may have been too young to enjoy it. We had an easy ride home and the day  is now a lovely memory.

As soon as I arrived home, I gobbled down something to eat and rushed to my computer. Today registration for the SCWBI conference in New Brunswick began at 5:00PM. I went online and happily clicked through all the choices I had decided upon last night. Since I registered so early, everything was available. Can’t ask for more than that. Yes, tough starts really can turn terrific. Today, mine did!



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