Happy Birthday, Dear Son-in-Law

It was a busy weekend and I forgot that today is our son-in-law’s birthday. We have four sons, but only one son-in-law. Kevin is a special guy and right from the start of their romance when Rose was in college, we knew she had found a winner. After dinner, I ran out to get a card and gift for Kevin because I didn’t want the day to pass without reminding him how much he means to us. On his birthday, I am so grateful that Kevin came into Rose’s life and into our family. Kevin is a wonderful husband and father. To watch him with his children is a delight. He is patient and kind, always has time to explain things to them and also knows how to draw a hard line when needed. To witness Kevin and Rose’s relationship is also a delight. After meeting in college, they waited until Kevin finished his law degree to wed. During those college years and into her twenties, we were alwasy so grateful that Rose was spending time with such a quality man and never had to worry about her safety if she was with Kevin.

Once they married, they moved to New Jersey for five years. Although I hated the distance, I believe it enabled them to quickly become a unit and learn to depend on one another. Both of their children were born in Jersey. When they moved back to Pennsylvania (only six minutes away), they lived with us for two months during the transition. Rose would get upset because we always took Kevin’s side. This little stint at co-habitation, only confirmed our respect for Kevin. Kevin truly is everything we could want in a son-in-law…friendly, caring, hard-working, smart, fun, and most of all he loves our daughter and their kids with a beautiful, commited love that will undoubtedly see them through the ups and downs of life. Happy Birthday, Kevin. We’re glad your onboard!


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