A Letter to Sunday

Dear Sunday,                                                                                                                                               It  occurs to me that I often take you for granted. Although the gifts you offer are not always the same, there’s a consistent commonality among your weekly visits that offers an easy peacefulness. At the same time, you contain enough variety to keep me on my toes, always seeking those special occasions that turn into fond memories. For example, today I attended Mass, as usual, and had some time to relax and read the paper with hubby. By 1:00pm, I was in my seat eagerly anticipating a piano recital in which two of our grandaughters would make their debut. It did not disappoint. How proud I felt to watch them perform and know that the gift of music will be a part of their lives. This memory and the precious photo of the two of them, will become a treasure. Some routine shopping and dinner prep took up the rest of the day and ended with a Sunday dinner that was just okay. I really have to invest in a good meat thermometer.

As you prepare to depart, just know that I appreciate the treasures you hold. As a retiree, you are quickly becoming my new favorite day of the week.

Gratefully, Rita


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