A Forever Friend

Today I’m reminded to cherish those friendships that withstand the test of time and circumstances. During the twenty-five years of their marriage, my brother’s ex-wife and I were very close. From the start, Kathy’s caring nature endeared her to me. We were both stay-at-home moms for many years, and our phone calls often staved off insanity. Always a great cook, Kathy was one of the few people who bothered to prepare gluten-free meals for me when I was diagnosed with celiac disease over twenty years ago.

Sadly, the break up of a marriage often results in the break up of family ties to the               ex-spouse, as well. When this marriage faltered, I was devastated. Bound and determined to maintain this special friendship, we managed to keep in touch. Probably close to twenty years have passed since then, and it is rare that I don’t see Kathy or talk to her every few months. This may not have been possible had not my brother and Kathy worked through the divorce amicably and kept their three children’s best interest at the forefront of decisions. Happy to say, even my brother and Kathy enjoy a caring relationship.

In spite of an ailing father-in-law, family responsibilities and her work schedule, Kathy managed to carve out time to help me create a brochure for a new business venture. We had lunch and time to chat, then Kath got to work and performed her magic (she is an amazing artist and can do wonders with a computer, as well). Thank goodness, this caring, creative person is a part of the fabric of my life. Some friendships just last forever…this is one of them!


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