Soup and Songs

Even though I’m retired, today was still a “Snow Day”. I slept later than usual and shortly after I had breakfast and showered, I began to concoct a pot of vegetable soup. Hubby was still sleeping so I told “Alexa” to play some John Denver tunes to keep me company as I cooked.

Now, I must tell you that John Denver was the soundtrack for our early years of marriage. Picture a young couple, cuddled on the sofa holding an infant between them and trying to get their two-year old to settle in, as well. Listen closely and you will hear the positive messages of love, commitment, and new beginnings emanating from large, black disk. This scene repeated itself many times during those years from 1974 to 1976. We added another son during those years and finally, after six years of marriage and three kids, moved out of that apartment and into our first home.

Two more little ones completed our family and the opportunity to sit serenely and listen to “our” songs, became less frequent. But, John Denver always takes me back to that unforgettable part of our marriage and still manages to stir up the feelings of love and optimism that formed the foundation of our life together. Midway between adding the cut veggies and pouring in the chicken broth, tears of joy and gratitude were streaming down my face. Thanks, John Denver, for the memories and messages that have withstood the test of time. Thanks, Mike Kenefic, for still being the love of my life.



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