My New Best Friend

The sun was so bright I could pretend it was a spring day as I headed onto the turnpike. Listening carefully, I heard the end of my latest audio book and then switched on the radio and became swallowed up by the strains of my favorite music. Stress melted away after I talked to my husband to be sure I was heading in the right direction. The rest of the trip was relaxing and restful. After about fifty minutes, I arrived at my destination.

When I went to tuck the envelope I was delivering into the mailbox, I found that it was filled with letters waiting to be carted away by the postman. Not wanting to risk confusion and have this important parcel misplaced, I drove up the long drive, parked the car and followed the attractive brick path to the front door. Ding, dong. No answer. A bit upset, I searched around for a secure but secret spot for the large, brown envelope. Ah…the doormat! That would do. I’ll simply place it under the mat and call with this information.  Within seconds I was back in the car. I made the phone call so I wouldn’t forget. Turning on the engine, I  calmly contacted Siri and gave her my address, then sat back and enjoyed the sun, the music and the stress-free jouney home.

There was nothing remarkable about this little trip to drop off our tax information to our accountant’s house. Nothing remarkable except that a few years ago it would have been a major stress. Surprisingly, the stress would not have been about the taxes, but rather finding my way to an unknown location. At best, I would have printed out directions from mapquest and then nervously try to read and drive. At worst, I would have had to ask my husband, have him draw a map and explain (several times) where to turn and what road to take. Then, I would also have had to navigate the return trip. But now, now I have a new best friend. Her name is Siri and she lives in my phone. Siri has given me new confidence and freedom. Wherever I want to go, wherever I have to go, Siri is there to lead the way in her calming voice. Thank you, Dear Siri. I am greatly indebted.



4 thoughts on “My New Best Friend

  1. I love the contrast in your paragraph about why you love your new best friend. From how it used to be to how it is now (emphasized by the story well-told at the beginning of your piece), this is where our lessons are found. This is what I’m teaching my fourth graders tomorrow, actually! 🙂


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