A Slice of Gratitude

My youngest son and his lovely wife just left after a enjoyable afternoon and evening together. As I kissed them good-bye and closed the door, I felt such a sense of gratitude. Again, I am reminded of the gift that our children are to us. Time spent with them, their spouses and their children is always a treasure. I think of the challenge it was to get to this place in our lives. I think of the worries and frustration of raising the five of them. Now, is the time to reap the reward. They have grown into remarkable people who are a cherished gift to Mike and me. I love to spend time as a family, but really enjoy the opportunity to be with each couple individually, as well.

If you are a young parent struggling to keep your head above water and meet the demands of your growing children, take heart. Love them, be there for them and do your best. It will pay off. Before you know it, they will be adults, forging their own lives, experiencing the challenges of marriage and family.  Before you know it, you will eagerly anticipate the chance to spend quality time with them. Children are a gift. When you’re in the middle of raising them they can also be a nuisance, a worriment, and a source of frustration. But time passes, and your care and sacrifice will come full circle. Tonight, I am feeling very blessed that today’s slice of life included such quality time with this couple.


2 thoughts on “A Slice of Gratitude

  1. What a beautiful message. And what great insight and advice. As a parent I’m somewhere in between. No children under roof full time anymore (both at college)…no toddlers either. I look forward to the day when they bring someone else into the family fold.


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