The Saga of the New Backsplash

Today, I made a decision, a very big decision, a decision that has been two years in the making…I ordered our new backsplash for the kitchen. Two years ago, I finally got around to having under-cabinet lights installed, thinking that we would follow up right away with a new backsplash. The lights were great, but I was still working and life got in the way.

Fast forward to June, 2016. One of the first projects on my retirement to do list was, you guessed it, choose a backsplash. Of course, I didn’t expect a weird virus to drop in for a visit and stay for months. Finally, in November, I was ready to go tile shopping. I brought along a trust friend whose home looks like a sample home every minute of every day. Several hours later, laden down with several samples, I shleeped home to share them with hubby. Several hours after that I decided, I didn’t like any of them.

Suddenly, “it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and I resigned myself to the fact that our backsplash  would not have a new holiday outfit.  As soon as the last decoration was pack away, I was determined to get that darn backsplash. I consulted with my sister, a decorator, and she agreed that something plain would maintain the spacious look I aimed to keep. Great!  Shouldn’t be hard now.

In the meantime, hubby said if I wanted to redo the whole countertop with granite (we were just going to reorder the same corian to cover the bookcases he was making for the end of each counter, that I might as well go for it. Three or four trips later, I decided to forget the granite. It was pricy, I couldn’t find a good match and I didn’t want to tear up the whole kitchen. More lost time.

In my travels to choose granite, I had already seen tile I liked and hubby agreed it would work. Armed with measurements and a credit card, I arrived bright and early at the large store where I had seen the coveted tile. Imagine my disappointment when I learned it was no longer available. No problem, the salesperson exclaimed. We will find something stunning. The “something stunning” turned out to be a marble affair that matched the colors well, was totally not what I would normally choose and had a price tag that would blow your mind. Somehow, I was seduced into thinking this would take my kitchen from mundane to marvelous. Before I knew it, I was turning over the credit card and texting pictures to hubby.

Now, I must say my husband rarely gets involved in decorating decisions. He usually gives it the final okay (“if you like it it’s fine with me”). Not so in this case. Mike called me right back and shouted (Yes, the salesperson probably heard him) “What in the world are you thinking. It’s hideous!  Yikes. This would never due. I fought back tears, made a quick get-a-way and promised to call with a final decision.

I wasn’t in the car five minutes when I realized hubby was totally right. My choice was a huge departure for me and I know I couldn’t have lived with it for even a day. Sometimes I am truly grateful for his voice of reason. Okay…back to the drawing board.

The next day, I found a plain but perfect tile on sale at a local store. Not only that, it was in stock and would be ready to install as soon as the bookcases (for the ends of counter) and the new countertop was installed. Hooray!  Like Miss Viola Swamp liked to say, “Not so fast!”

When I showed the picture to hubby, he wasn’t thrilled. “Where are the little glass pieces that you wanted?”  (Two tiles ago – the backsplash that was no longer available). Surprisingly, as he examined the surface to be tiled, he decided we should probably remove some outlets and have several put together. Really?  I thought we went all through that when the under-cabinet lights were installed. Tears again, frustration, and that sense that this simple little project would never move off the to do list. We decided to let the whole thing go until after our week-long Florida vacation, when we would go out together and make a decision.

We arrived home from Florida early Thursday morning. We had to postpone installation of the countertops because of Uncle Jack’s funeral, but Mike still worked on the bookcases over the weekend. Yesterday, I wanted hubby to accompany me to shop for tile but he said, “I really don’t care. You just get what you want.” Ah…music to my ears.I decided to head out to the original store one last time before purchasing the on-sale tiles I had found recently. Wouldn’t you know it?  I revisited a display I’d loved the first time…a subway tile that matched well and had some dimension to it. Snap, click…sent the picture to Mike. No problem on that end. The salesman was great and deducted $126 from the order and I walked out thrilled with the purchase and even more thrilled to know that it would be in by next Wednesday and finishing this by the end of March is a distinct possibility. I’ve done a lot of decorating over the years and admittedly, I take my time when I’m purchasing a permanent product, but I’ve never let a project drag on this long. I’m sure I’ve learned my lesson. I think I’m going back to that shop tomorrow and get started on the bathroom.







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