Day is Done

The clear sound of taps pierced the air, signaling a final tribute to Uncle Jack. Sounds of life– the hammer of a distant roofer, the bark of a dog, and sobs of mourners mingled with this death knell reminding me that life goes on. Jack Rookstool and all that he embodied for the many family and friends gathered to bide him farewell, will also live on in our precious memories, in the lessons he taught, in the example he showed and in the lives of the little grandchildren he left behind. This 93 year old patriot and patriarch, was married to the same wonderful woman for 68 years. They raised their three children in a modest home in Hatboro for 66 of those years. Aunt Millie said good-bye to the love of her life today…the end of a beautiful love story. Jack’s life was a love story and although we laid him to rest today, each will carry a part of Jack in their hearts and continue to live their lives a little better for having known this good man.


2 thoughts on “Day is Done

  1. Gorgeous tribute to a man you obviously loved. I especially appreciated your respect for is life in the military… “the clear sound of taps pierced the air…” and he was a “patriot and a patriarch” – precise words, which makes your tribute even more powerful. We are losing our WWII veterans, which saddens me. What a full life Uncle Jack lived. Thanks for sharing.


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