Back to the Future

Today is a day to regroup and reflect. We just returned from Venice, Florida, where we spent a week with dear friends. In addition to sunshine and 85 degree weather, we enjoyed delicious meals, sightseeing, lots of laughs and heart-to-heart talks. All in all, it was a perfect week.

Yet, for me, the return to reality always holds as much promise and excitement as the propect of getting away. In a sense, I’m going “back to the future”. Our own home, our own space, our own time and our own treasures fill me with gratitude. The anticipation of seeing some of our kids and grandkids later today thrills me as much as the thought of seeing the ocean did a week ago.  Familiar books and blankets beckon me to curl up and read. My daily calendar reminds me of all the opportunties that await.Now, I will take the treasured memories that we made, tuck them away in my heart and allow them to gently shape my future experiences. I’ll try the new recipes we shared, I’ll imitate the easy graciousness our hosts provided, I’ll pray for the needs our friends confided, and I’ll give thanks for our time together as well as the safe return jouney that enables me to pick up and continue to enjoy my daily round.

I’m so glad I didn’t miss the SOL deadline and can once again participate in this enriching experience.



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