Good-Bye Holidays, Hello New Year

I guess today marks the official close of the holiday season. Everyone I know is back to work or school except for (you guessed it) me!  Since I’ve not yet been retired for a full year, today brings another first – the first year I didn’t have to return to work after the holidays. So today, I’m watching the rain as well as watching two of the “grands”, who don’t return to school until tomorrow.

There’s a lazy feel in my home this morning even though I have plenty of de-decorating, laundry, thank-you notes and writing to do. The steady beat of the rain mixes with the repetitious song coming from Patrick’s 3DS game. It’s actually relaxing and I’m grateful that I can spend the day with two of my favorite little people. I may be able to talk these elves into helping me take the balls off the tree. Then, we’ll read a few stories, have a nice lunch and go see the movie, “Sing”. Tomorrow, I’ll lunch  with my group of retired friends and on Friday attend a local critique group from SCWBI. Life is good and I only see it getting better in the year ahead.

Whether you are back at work today or home like me, make this week and year a good one. Take time to read and reflect. Take time to write and ruminate. Take time to organize your home and your heart, making space for the good things to come in 2017. Happy New Year to all!


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