New Friends, New Ideas

Life as a retiree is rolling along. The fact that I haven’t even shared a “slice” in quite awhile is indicative of how busy I am. How did I ever work? One of the best things I have done so far is to join SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). At a recent PAWLP meeting, I learned about this great organization. When I looked it up online and searched out critique groups, I found one that meets about five minutes from my home. How perfect! I couldn’t believe my good luck. When I contacted the facilitator, she graciously gave me the particulars and I attended the next meeting. This organization has so many resources and offshoots. It is such a joy to be with like-minded people. People who believe in the power of the pen. People who want to write quality literature that will encourage reading and enhance the lives of our young.

Today is what I consider a “perfect day”. Through my critique group I learned that the last Meet and Greet” meeting of the year would take place at Shady Brook Farm in Yardley. Even though others from my group were not able to attend, I decided to go myself. Am I glad I did! Again, I found a wonderful group of women committed to sharing information and encouraging one another on this writer’s journey. I made several new friends, one of whom wants to join the critique group that meets near my home. I left with my head chock full of new ideas, websites to check out, conferences to attend. I left with my heart full of joy and the sense that a whole new world is opening before me. At my age, I’ve learned the importance of first steps, the importance of reaching out and seeking support, the importance of friends and mentors to guide the way to new endeavors. Tonight I’m excited and grateful for the fruits of my first steps to join a community of writers.


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