Beginning Anew

Yesterday, I said good-bye to the strangest summer of my life. I guess the emotions of retirement were too much for me, resulting in a virus that took hold around July4th and knocked me out of commission for about six weeks. So, bidding farewell to this summer is not difficult. I’m ready to begin anew.

Last week, my colleagues returned to school. Knowing I would not be among them, I made sure to set goals for myself and officially begin retirement. Writing on a regular basis is at the top of that list. My first writing goal is to revamp my literacy blog for parents. I narrowed my focus and set about creating blog posts that would inform and motivate parents as they start the school year with thier children. My second writing goal is to work on the story of my third son’s life in time for his fortieth birthday in December.

Each morning, I followed an established ritual…eat, shower, water the flowers, do some stretches, meditate for five minutes and then set the timer and write for at least ninety minutes. What a gift to be able to prioritize my writing. What a surprise to see how much I accomplished. I wrote several blog posts so it was easy to keep my commitment to post on Mondays and Fridays. I finished several chapters of the book for my son. Best of all, I felt at peace with not returning to school. For me, writing is another way of teaching. Promoting literacy has been my life’s work and there’s no need for that to end with retirement. If you are so inclined, check out Nurturing Literacy Grade 4 through 8 and share your comments, questions and insights at

farm-girl-1509198_960_720Today Fall is in the air and her cool touch fills me with optimism and a sense of purpose. It’s good to be “slicing” again and connecting with this talented group of writers. For those of you returning to school, may I wish you a wonderful year. Although teaching is often challenging, savor the moments and appreciate these days. Make memories you will cherish when your teaching days are over and be the best you can be for your students.




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