Little Boys

The highlight of my weekend was celebrating Patrick’s birthday. Patrick is my grandson, my only grandson, my only grandson who just turned six years old. As a mother of four boys, having a grandson in addition to eight grandaughters is not only a delight, it is a peek back in time. In Patrick, I recognize the many dimensions of being a little boy that I so loved in our own sons.

At times, Patrick is playful, funny, teasing. He loves to hide when I walk in, then jump out and surprise me. He loves sports, games, tricks, jokes and ice cream. I could say the same about all four of my sons. On another day, Pat may be in a more serious mood, filled with wonder, questioning everything, open to deep discussions. This is the best. Perhaps the teacher in me enjoys the chance to explain, ponder, and question right along with him. These moments remind me of the bedtime ritual of tucking in our sons and engaging in conversations that I believe helped to shape who they are today.

Time with Patrick is always enjoyable, entertaining and meaningful but I must say my favorite time is when Patrick wants to sit on my lap and read a story. Knowing the lapsitting won’t last much longer, I savor the moments and do my best to infuse storytime with joy and affection. Patrick has been read to his entire life and by now I can see that he views reading as a pleasurable experience. Storytime always brings me back to another time and place reading to Michael, Matt, Jack or Joe (and, of course, Rose) Our sons are now grown men, which makes it even more special to once again learn about dinosaurs, travel to foreign places and share adventures with a little guy on my lap.


6 thoughts on “Little Boys

  1. So much love and joy in your post! You have a true appreciation for the little things–the lap sitting, reading together–that are really the big things. I have a six-year-old nephew and he is my “book friend”. This reminded me so much of our time together!


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