A Month of Changes

Today, as I write the last slice of the March challenge, I’m thinking of how things have changed in just thirty-one days. Spring was still elusive, just a hope in my heart . My husband has not only had major surgery, but has recovered much more quickly than I ever hoped. I said good-bye to a dear friend last week. She was eighty-two years old, played eighteen holes of golf up until last summer and was one of the most vital, attractive older women you would ever want to meet. Two of my closest friends are each struggling with grandchildren who have had to be hospitalized for a serious illness. A second one of my grandchildren achieved double-digits when she turned ten on Tuesday. My retirement papers are in order, our taxes are done, and I’ve succeeded in writing everyday this month!

In addition to being a challenge, it has been an privilege and a wonderful learning experience to participate in this Slice of Life group. The written word sometimes speaks more clearly than spoken words. All of you have allowed me to peek into your lives and get to know you. You’ve shared heartache and hopes, disappointments and delights. Thank you for trusting me with these precious parts of you. You’ve provided mentor texts, pushing me to attempt a different format, showing me just how powerful a few well-crafted words can be. You’ve inspired me to make a commitment and enabled me to prove that even on the busiest of days, I can still find time to write. You’ve taken me into this community of writers, and helped me find a home through your affirmations and kind remarks. Now, I will not leave. I will meet up with you each Tuesday. I will put forth my best to create posts that enlighten and inspire. I will be a permanent slicer. I will follow many of my favorite friends and look to develop strong bonds with many of you. Yes, I’ve come to the end of this month and much has changed, but my commitment to TWT and Tuesday posts will not. To TWT, my gratitude for facilitating such a marvelous challenge. Keep up the good work!



2 thoughts on “A Month of Changes

  1. Your words “permanent slicer” have struck a chord with me. I too want to continue the journey. I envision the words “permanent slicer” as a badge of courage.


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