A Long, Good Day

I’m only an hour and twenty minutes shy of today’s deadline. I think this is the latest I’ve posted all month. Today was a long day, but today was a good day. I returned to school and worked hard. This evening, my niece planned a gathering for the women in our family. My cousin’s wife died a few months ago after a long bout of illness. Her daughter is still grief-stricken. This get-together came about as a way to support this young woman. It’s times like these that I realize what a wonderful family I have. At my nieces home tonight, women from the age of thirty to seventy-seven came together as a unified force to talk, laugh, and share their love. It was wonderful to make my way around the room and chat with everyone, all somehow bonded to my family. This group included women as close to me as my own daughter to my brother’s ex-wife. How amazing that a sense of caring and sympathy joined us together and left all of us wanting more. We’ve decided to gather at least three or four times a year from now on. Yes, it was a long day but is was a good day, indeed.

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