Jelly Beans, Egg Casserole & Egg Roulette

Another Easter is in the books. This Easter was especially relaxed and enjoyable. All five of our children and their families, along with one of our son’s in-laws, arrived early in the afternoon. Within minutes the smell of fresh fruit, egg casseroles, French toast, pancakes, bacon and sausages permeated the air. Six of our nine grandchildren were with us. Five of those grandchildren are little girls. One by one they sashayed in, each anxious to show off a pretty dress, new shoes, or a pair of special earrings. Our only grandson wore a pin-striped shirt and khaki pants. I love little boys in dress shirts and Patrick did not disappoint. At five years old, he looked like a little man and reminded me of how cute our own five sons used to look on Easter Sunday.

These children now range in age from four to eight. These gatherings are considerably calmer than they were a few years ago. Today, there were no tears (a first!) and no fights! Even the “frenimies” (the seven and eight year old who love each other to death until they don’t) remained on good terms the entire day. My daughter, Rose, and Courtney, eight years old, took charge of games for the kids. Egg Roulette anyone? All I can tell you is that a few of the kids wound up in the shower getting egg rinsed off their feet. I’ll leave it at that. After the outdoor games, we had the traditional jelly bean counting contest. Patrick, our only grandson guessed 450 and the number of beans was 447 so he was the winner. His smile was priceless and he kindly decided to share the booty with his cousins.

The adults gathered around the dining room table and spent several hours talking, laughing and eating. I didn’t even want to clear the table too early, for fear folks would take that as a signal to leave. It wasn’t an exciting day, it wasn’t a super-special day, it was simply a day to kick back and enjoy our beautiful family. All of us lead busy lives and although we are close geographically, it’s difficult to get all five of the families together at one time. Usually, someone can’t make it. So, I’m grateful when I have all five of my chicks under roof if only for a little while. It always reminds me of the book, Five Little Ducks. Like the ducks in the story they all come back to play (and bring along their offspring). It doesn’t get better than this!





5 thoughts on “Jelly Beans, Egg Casserole & Egg Roulette

  1. These memories can’t be beat! I am one of 7 and when all of us are under one roof, my mom is literally in heaven. The memories of being around the table as a family are some of my favorite. I can totally picture how wonderful your day was. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂


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