Magic Mornings

Four consecutive days off…I can’t wait! When I get right down to it, one of the best things about a day off is my morning routine. On a day off, morning slides in smoothly, settling down beside me, gently brushing my eyes with her light. Unlike a work day, I can stretch, and snooze, and slither out of bed at my leisure. Once upright, I’ll search for my fabulous slippers, a favorite present from last Christmas and reach for my bulky, once-white, warm, cuddly bathrobe. Nestled in these cozy coverings, I tread the twelve steps from our bedroom to the Keurig in the kitchen. Ah yes…I’ll immediately get the coffee brewing, pop in the toast, grab milk, sugar, butter and waste no time making my normal breakfast of coffee and toast.

Then comes the good part. Once I’ve had a few sips of coffee and a bite of bread, I’m ready to read, to pray and to write.  I open my worn copy of God Calling and ponder the message of the day, allowing it to settle into my soul and lead me to prayer. Lucky for me, my kitchen table faces a sliding glass door, allowing me to take in the beauty of nature. After this quiet time, I open my writer’s notebook and freewrite for ten or fifteen minutes, recording what’s uppermost in my mind and heart to spill onto the page.  It’s amazing how this routine centers me and casts a level of serenity that sets the stage for a peaceful day. Mornings like this are like magic…transforming my waking moments into a productive and positive start to my day.


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