Door to Literacy

Yesterday, I returned to school full-time after two weeks of sporadic attendance to nurse my husband after his surgery. It was a good feeling to turn the key and enter this special space. I realize that in a few short months, I’ll close this particular door to literacy for good when I retire and release the key to someone new. Before that occurs, I invite you to visit…

Come with me as I begin another day as a Reading specialist.  Once I enter this expansive Elementary School, I hustle down the corridor until I reach the last door on the left.  Balancing my schoolbag, lunchbag and purse, I grope for my key and unlock the door to literacy. Ah…my friends are right where I left them.  There are the picture  books decorating the board ledge, eager to share their beauty and knowledge.  Like proud soldiers, blue and purple baskets line the counter holding a variety of books just waiting to march into the hands of some young student.  My workspace nestles in the corner of this spacious room and I’m happy to greet the volumes of professional books that live in the specially-designed bookcase that sits atop my desk. Where would I be without the expertise these treasured authors have shared with me? Hopefully, they will feel equally as comfortable when they move to my home office. 


10 thoughts on “Door to Literacy

  1. I’m a few years away from retirement, but lately I’ve been thinking about what I’ll take with me and what will go on the “free” table in the staff room. I have a few things I’ll give directly to others. But I suspect many things will come home with me.


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