A Treat for the Senses

Many neighbors have already put out their recycle bins on this early spring afternoon. On the way back from retrieving the mail, an unexpected breeze kicked up, spilling papers, cereal boxes, cans and bottles all over the street. The irate man next door pronounced it a “huge mess” but I chuckled to myself and disagreed.

Colorful coupons, dampened by a water puddle, made a kind of watercolor near the curb. Silver cylinders, which formerly held my favorite soft drink, provided background music as they rolled along the blacktop, eventually crashing into a curb or a car. A paper squall traveled through the air, landing on the lawn in front of my home and forming an unusual mosaic on the bare, brown grass. Plastic water bottles made friends with bright discs that had once belonged to other larger containers. Like a proper businessman let loose in a Halloween store, our meticulous development took on a new personality.  Ribbons of color, three-dimensional objects, and unusual sounds gave our staid neighborhood a circus-like atmosphere. This was no mess… this was a treat for the senses and a welcome change, compliments of Mother Nature.


6 thoughts on “A Treat for the Senses

  1. What a lovely post! I appreciate how you stopped and appreciated the result of what everyone else calls a mess. I particularly liked the paper squall turning into a mosaic on the bare brown grass. Powerful imagery there!


  2. What an interesting perspective. I really enjoyed how you looked at a trashy mess through a different lens and saw beauty and a sensory treat. I also enjoyed the image of the paper squall reforming into a mosaic. Nice slice!


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