I’m worried about a very close friend. For years, she bottled up her feelings, put on a happy face, hid her troubles from everyone, pretended to have the perfect life. Recently, this web of deceit has begun to unravel. When we do not live authentic lives, sooner or later it catches up to us. Perfection is a myth. Everyone has faults, problems, hurts and disappointments. Courage, faith, and openess have led many weighted souls to unburden themselves and find the help they need. With this in mind, I wrote the following poem…

You’re only as sick as your secrets, I heard another say.                     If you can’t admit your problems, they’ll never go away.

Perhaps you are short on money or rely too much on drink,               yet you will not face the monster for fear of what others will think.

Your spouse just drives you crazy…you feel hurt,and sad and mad.   But when you go out to face the world, you pretend that you are glad.

Your health has been declining, your weight is decreasing, too.         Yet a visit to the doctor is not on the docket for you.

Think about your secrets-silent thieves that steal your joy.             Think about revealing them if you want a life you enjoy.



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