Promise of Spring

Sunshine is like an energy drink. Today, when I opened our bedroom door and saw a blanket of light shining through every window, I felt excited and energetic.  That sunshine held promise for me…the promise that the day ahead would go well, the promise that winter’s wicked cold is behind us, the promise of new life that is the very essence of spring. All day, positive thoughts ran through my mind. Instead of feeling nervous about retiring, I felt excited thinking about new opportunities. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list, I felt motivated to tackle each task with zest. Instead of blindly walking through the day, I felt alert and conscious of the green grass, brisk air, bright blue sky and fluttering birds. In fact, I even stopped the car to try to snap a picture of a tree that held four blackbirds, sitting on the stark brown branches. Although I was a second too late to capture the scene, it is photographed in my mind. My day led me to various stores, a restaurant, and two doctor’s offices. Was there a lighter feel in the air or did I imagine it?  Everyone seemed friendlier, happier, more helpful. I choose to believe it is the breath of spring, the energy of the sun and the soft breezes that wisk away our cares and promise brighter days ahead.


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