…And the rest of the day to you

My morning began with a smile. As soon as I looked at my phone, I saw a message from my youngest son saying, “Top O the morning to you.” I chuckled and immediately replied, “And the rest of the day to you!”.

For years, I’ve been teaching this little known response to others. I know my son was trying to beat me to the traditional message I send each St. Patrick’s Day and just waiting for me to forget to respond in the appropriate way. No chance!

When I went into school, I gave my greeting to many folks. The teachers who have been around for awhile immediately responded, “…and the rest of the day to you.” Laughingly, I told them that my legacy is in place and now I really can retire.

The little holidays that crop up throughout the year lighten up our lives. Everyone is in a more festive mood, laughing and joking their way through the day. I love all things Irish so today is one of my favorite “little” holidays. So, Top O the morning to all the slicers out there. Wear a smile and a bit of green and you’re sure to have a lucky day!



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