What I’ll Miss

This week, school has been a respite from my brief (thank goodness) stint as a nurse for my husband. I decided to work half-days so that I didn’t leave him alone too long. School has been the bright spot. Seeing my colleagues, swapping sick husband stories and reuniting with my students made me think of all the things I’ll miss when I retire. Here are a few that came to mind…

Feeling grateful for such a wonderful job

Sweet students that soak up my suggestions

Strong friendships and enjoyable relationships with so many colleagues

A sense of pride about my work

Knowing I’m making a difference

A clean, bright, beautiful and modern place of work

My large bright classroom with books in every nook and cranny

Opportunities to read and write each day

Collaborating with others

Ongoing educational opportunities

Simply being a “teacher”







4 thoughts on “What I’ll Miss

  1. Your slice just shows that even though we may fantasize that retirement will be amazing (I know I do — 4 years to go!), we will give up some wonderful parts of our lives.


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