“C” What My Day Was Like

Check the cathater, Charge the phone

Coffee? I’ll have mine nice and strong.

Call the doctor, Clothe my man

Cook up breakfast as fast as I can.

Call my son…Can you be here by noon

Cause I have to go to work real soon.

Collect my school bag, phone and food.

Can’t wait to teach…it will change my mood,

Calm my jitters, clear my head, then I’ll go home and

Climb into bed!












6 thoughts on ““C” What My Day Was Like

  1. I love this. What an interesting way to organize your day and your mind. And you hint at troubles (catheter, calling the doctor, needing your son to be at home so you can get to work) without spelling them out. A very good way to approach such topics, and something for me to aspire to. Thanks!


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