Good Advice

What an unusual Friday night. Our townhouse sits in eerie stillness punctuated only by the tapping of the computer keys. Mike is home from the hospital, sleeping soundly, and I’m feeling grateful for the stillness and the recent advice of my best friend.

Once Mike dozed off, I put in a quick call to Trudy, my lifelong friend. The stress of the week along with concerns about many people close to me, made it imperative that I talk to Trudy. This woman has been through so much including serious financial problems, breast cancer, caring for her husband who is a stroke victim, and playing a vital role in the lives (and problems) of her children and grandchildren. She does it all with deep faith and a sense of humor that never quits. When we were about to say good-bye, Trudy left me with a piece of advice that I intend to heed. She told me to relax with Mike for the next few days…to give in to this opportunity to be home together without the pressures of work and other people, to put aside all the “to-dos” and just chill out. She knows me so well! Therefore, instead of creating a list of things I want to accomplish while I am nursing my husband back to health, I am really going to take this wisdom to heart. Thank you, Trudy…a true friend and an insightful advisor.


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