brown girl dreaming

I was so taken with this book, brown girl dreaming by Jaqueline Woodson, that I decided to try my hand at free verse while writing about this book. I have no idea how to format poems correctly on WordPress. I type it in one way, but when I “publish” it looks different. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way. 


Several friends brightened up at the mention of this book.                                                               I only wanted to taste it, but within hours, only a morsel remained.

Is it the luscious words that lured me in?                                                                                                 Is it the poignant paraphrasing of an indelible time?                                                                           Is it Jacqueline’s voice weaving, warbling through the tales of her life?

I only know that this remarkable poetic novel will be                                                                       purchased, not borrowed, remembered, not forgotten.

brown girl dreaming…a mentor text, a memorable read,                                                                       a memorial to family and freedom.

Your words live on and inspire, Jacqueline Woodson!



9 thoughts on “brown girl dreaming

  1. Lovely writing and appreciation of what sounds like a lovely book. Did she write The Other Side? If so, I loved that book and so did my students. Her message is subtle but powerful.


  2. What a beautiful free verse that expresses your appreciation for a treasured book. Jacqueline Woodson wrote several books, my favorites to use as mentor texts are Each Kindness and The Other Side. Both beautiful and powerful stories that get kids thinking. Thanks for reminding me how much I adore this author.


  3. I especially liked the phrase “purchased, not borrowed, remembered, not forgotten.” I actually had the chance to listen to Jacqueline Woodson at a conference on Friday and hearing her read/recite her works was such an amazing experience. You really captured the beauty of this work. Thank you for sharing!


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