Banish the Blues

Slice of Life

The Monday Morning Blues made an appearance early yesterday morning. I knew right away that I would have to do battle to win the fight and turn a bad start into a good day. As I sit here happily writing, I’ll start my first “slice of life” by reflecting on how I won that fight.

Unlike most Monday mornings, instead of heading off to school, I was heading to the dermatologist’s office for my annual checkup. When she finished the exam, the doctor told me I really looked good (meaning my skin had not changed)  and also answered my questions about some creams created to  “diminish fine lines and wrinkles” on aging skin. Her comment and cream recommendations lifted my spirits and I felt a little brighter by the time I left the office.

Since I didn’t have to return to school until 12:30, I decided to go back home and take care of a few niggling tasks that were creating anxiety. Within one hour, I had made two overdue phone calls and did some necessary online banking. Whew! What a good feeling to check those chores off my list. After enjoying an early lunch in my own home, I started off to school.

By 1:30, I had taught one of my Reading Recovery students and a group of fifth graders. My next two groups (both fourth grade) were cancelled because of a classroom activity. Found time…is there anything better to lift your spirits?

Driving home, I enjoyed a nice phone conversation with my daughter, then stopped at the bank so I could check off yet another task on my “to do” list. When Mike, my hubby, arrived home he suggested we simply go to the diner for dinner. That sounded good to me. My hot turkey sandwich and the conversation with Mike were both satisfying

I’m grateful that somewhere along the line I learned some strategies to salvage a bad morning. Early in the day I had a chance to engage in a positive interaction with another person (The dermatologist) and be good to myself (buying new skin cream). I made time to handle some of the anxiety-producing tasks, and took a few minutes to relax by eating an early lunch at home. I practiced gratitude when I realized I had a whole hour of unexpected time. At this point, my bad start had turned into a good day and it wasn’t even 2:00 in the afternoon yet. I’m a naturally upbeat person and remembering a few tricks does help me banish a bad mood.

There’s no bad mood this morning because I’m excited to be part of this challenge, I’m excited to learn from other writers, I’m excited to push myself to write more. Let the fun begin!












































































































Fatigue, a rainy Monday morning, lots of little tasks to accomplish, and a sour mood are the makings of a bad day. Somewhere along the line, I’ve learned that chipping away at annoying tasks, doing something nice for yourself, and appreciating the little things can lift my spirits and enable me to get myself back on track. Today turned out well. I’m excited to participate in this Slice of Life challenge, excited to learn from other writers and write more myself, excited to share bits of my wonderful life. It’s been a good day!




One thought on “Banish the Blues

  1. Thank you for an uplifting slice! I really enjoyed hearing how you turned your day around. As a fellow reading teacher, I agree – found time is a PRECIOUS gift. May you continue to have many more moments to smile and write about!


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